Eddie Boik's Dog Training And Obedience                      

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A+, Eddie stopped by yesterday to help us out with our 3 German Shepherds.  All of which need a little work and some help getting along.  Needless to say Eddie took them one by one and showed us how to handle and watch the dogs correctly.  Awesome job teaching/explaining just how to help the dogs understand what we want and a huge turn around on the overall behavior.  We felt that he taught us just as much if not more than he taught the dogs.  Eddie gets it and he breaks it down for you, answering any and all questions along the way and he doesn't make you feel like there is a silly question.  He is very thorough and professional.  We really believe these methods will help our issues.  We are excited to apply everything we learned. 

Thanks so much Eddie!!

Lauren Harris - Waupun 2017

Wow, what an awesome job Eddie does!!! He had my dog doing things in the first 10 minutes he was here that I was having trouble with for the past 5 months.  I would and will highly recommend Eddie to anyone who is in need of a professional dog trainer.  Very helpful and he definitely knows what he is doing. 

Thank you so much!

JD Hasenstab- Beaver Dam 2017  

We were extremely impressed with Eddie Boik.  He was super patient with us and more importantly patient with our dogs.  We asked him for help with our 1yr old goldendoodle, Paisley and when he was done training her, he helped us with our new puppy, Dakota without us even asking.  He simply wants to help people grow their relationships with their pets.  

Steve- October 2016

Eddie is incredible! He was so amazing with answering all our questions and showing us how to make our dogs better. We would highly recommend Eddie to anyone who has questions or would like help training.  He truly cares about our pets and us. Another thing that is amazing about Eddie is the week after he came to help us, he called to follow up and see how things were going or if we had any other questions.  We are very happy to have met Eddie and he helped us.  

Katie Hunt, Randolph WI

We had Eddie over tonight with our 2 dogs who had many behaviorial issues. I seriously feel I have 2 different calm dogs not crazy out of control pups.  Eddie worked with me, my husband, and our 3 children in different ways to make this work and I can say I'm speechless in what was accomplished in a couple hours time.  We have spent hundreds of dollars on other trainers and classes and I can tell you hands down Eddie is the man. 

Nikki Garcia- Henke - Beaver Dam - July 2016

Eddie Boik did a great job training our dog with a high level of skill.  It was apparent right away when after only a few commands our dog began listening and displaying manners he never had before.  He never seemed in a hurry to leave, happily answering all our questions and absolutely comfortable using the techniques he had taught us.  He worked very well with my 12yr old son who was basically in awe of the work he was doing.  He really liked how Eddie promised not to leave until we had learned proper training techniques and the dog had learned some manners.  I would highly reccomend Eddie to anyone needing their dog trained! We give him 5 stars !!

Linda and Tyler Diels - Burnett-  Sept 2016

We recently invited Eddie to help us train our min-pin Italian greyhound, Radar.  Radar was a rescue dog that we quickly learned needed more than our love and attention. He was especially aggressive toward people he didnt know well. Eddie's no-nonsense approach changed Radar's behavior within minutes.  It was incredible to see people passing by and approaching us without any reaction from Radar.  Eddie spent several hours with us and was sure to address all our concerns.  I also appreciate Eddie's accessibility for any additional training questions we may have. Past trainers quickly disappeared after the session was over.  

Rene Peterson- Horicon- Sept 2016

We recently hired Eddie to take care of yard waste from our fur babies over the summer. As a working mom it was so nice to have 1 less thing to worry about.  I also asked Eddie a few questions about our fur babies and he answered them honestly and completely.  I would reccomend him to anyone who needs a little or a lot of help with their four legged family members as well as the two legged ones. I can't say enough good things about this company. 

Patricia Bradley- Horicon - Sept 2016

In our one session with Eddie, He was able to teach all of us how to train our one year old dog. The tips and guidelines he showed us made sense, were not complicated and helped us tremendously to train our dog, Starting that day we noticed a huge difference and stuck with his tips. It has been amazing to see the change.  Eddie worked with our kids as well, showing them how to train the dog and control the dog, all done in a calm and stressfree approach. I cant say enough about how impressed we are with his training.  Worth every penny!!!!

Kari Duax- Beaver Dam  - Oct 2016

Scarlett...our Work in Progress...ready to find her forever home!!

Scarlett, our 2 year old female Border Collie mix is one lucky girl. This gorgeous girl who came to us from the Louisville Metro Animal Services Shelter in Kentucky, has lots of people pulling for her! We are so lucky because Scarlett has been taken under the wing of local Dodge County Dog Trainer Eddie Boik. She's a great girl, but has not had much stability in her 2 young years of her life. Because of that lack of consistency, Scarlett was in need of someone to help with "manners training" and to work on her mouthiness.

We thank Eddie for generously donating his time to work with our dog in need and to help get Scarlett ready for her forever home! In working with Scarlett, Eddie has found a very smart, very well mannered girl underneath who can be a great listener. Eddie has spent several weeks with Scarlett and it is amazing what a little guidance and structure can do, Her transformation is amazing! Scarlett is now ready for her forever home! We are looking for an adoptive family that will meet with Eddie to learn how to continue with Scarlett's successful path. We will also be including some additional training with Eddie as part of her adoption!! 

Dodge County Humane Society

Eddie helped me teach my doberman to heel!

Thumbtack Review- Jo-Ann

Eddie Boik is the "Dodge County Dog Whisperer".  He is very knowledgeable and informative. We can now take our dog on walks instead of runs.  THANKS EDDIE!

Luanne Edelstein- Horicon

We just had Eddie over to work with our 8 month old German Shepard, Roscoe and within literallly 5 minutes we could start to see a change. Eddie isn't your typical trainer. While training your dog he is also teaching you to train your dog so you are in control while in your dog's natural environment. Now our 6 year old son can do exactly everything we do without the worry of the dog trying to take control. HIGHLY recommended to anyone looking for training with their dog!

Jon Potts- Waupun, WI

A HUGE THANK YOU! Eddie Boik for your Amazing Advice and Training of Charlie...already have seen the difference in him-he rode up the elevator with a guy he normally barks at and obeyed Kat instantly when she told him "Quiet!" and did the whole 4 floor ride with out barking...to all my friends out there who have a pet that may need some help I highly recommend Eddie Boik...he comes to your home and helps you improve your Canine behavior in your pet's environment! Call him at 920-248-1908  
Sarah Evelyn- Beaver Dam
Thank you Eddie for all your help training our dog Zinc. I can't believe the difference it has made only in a couple of days. You did a great job with training Zinc and the family If anyone out there has a dog that needs training Eddie does a great job. I would recommend him for the job. He took his time getting to know and trust our dog(Zinc). This guy knows what he is doing and knows dogs. Thanks again for your patience not only training Zinc but training us to make him a better dog. IF at anytime you need a personal reference for someone looking to get a dog trained please have them contact me

Mary Breitkreutz- Mayville
One of the most amazing experiences I've ever experienced. I literally watched a transformation with my 4 mos old puppy. Thank you so much Eddie Boik!
Debbie Ostrowski-Setzke

Waste Removal Service- Testimonial                                         
We had Eddie come and do some spring cleaning for us and we are very happy with the results! As he stated "we can walk barefoot in our yard" lol. He even stayed to answer some basic obedience questions. We definitely will be using his services again and we highly recommend him for all your dog assistance needs!   
Renae Wentworth- Hildebrand, Beaver Dam
Wow! What a great experience! I just got done with the training with eddie and I swear I have 2 entirely different dogs! He is knowledgeable and explains things so well! If I could give more than 5 stars I would!
Danah Rosenmeier- Beaver Dam
Just had Eddie come over to work with Bella (our 5mo shepherd/collie mix) He is awesome and I highly recommend him. He is amazing to work with. He knows dogs, how they learn, what they respond to. He got Bella to take a walk which she wouldn't do for us and trained us how to work with her. He showed us what we were doing wrong and explained it in a very caring and understandable way. He helped us see things from Bella's perspective and how to get through to her. If you need any help with training your dog call Eddie!
Brad Friedl- Beaver Dam
We just got done with a training session with Eddie for our two dogs and we could tell a difference within minutes! His services are more than worth it.. Eddie gave us the knowledge to continue to improve our dogs behavior. I would gladly recommend him to anyone! 
Johnny Elbows- Beaver Dam

Eddie came to my house to help me with my 1 year old Teddy Bear, Hank. I wasn't even sure Hank was trainable becaue he was so out of control.  Eddie spent 2 hours working with him and my 2 other dogs. The results were amazing. All 3 dogs are much better behaved ,our house is a calmer place and the dogs are much more enjoyable to be around. 

Thanks for your help Eddie.

Tom Zeamer

Meet Hank!

Eddie has a God given gift with his ability to relate to dogs! 

Eddie handled our barrage of questions readily and took the time to review each of our interactions and involved each family member every step of the way.

He calmly reassured us in our interactions with our pet as well as helping our family's communications as a whole. 

He has alleviated tension and stress and created a more calm family structure. We highly recommend Eddies services!

Steve and Christy Mindt - 

Feb 2016  Beaver Dam

Eddie came to my daughter Diana's home to work with my grand daughter's 1 year old teddy bear "Violet" who hated Visitors! 
Violet would bark,growl and carry on to the point conversation was impossible!
Within one hour of Eddie working with Violet she was no longer out of control and obeying 
Eddie also demonstrated methods to be used to insure Violets continued progress......Darwin B

"Eddie showed us how to properly communicate with our dog and today Meatball is doing great!"  
- Nicole Dalinis

He will come to your house, which is good if you don't have nice manners in public yet. He'll fix that in an hour. NO JOKE!" 

I wish there were more than 5 stars. Eddie has trained all of my dogs and I get compliments wherever we go.
He has a talent that is God-given and completely unmatched
. Rosie gives him 4 paws up!
 Maureen Becker- Leber

Eddie came to my house to work with my German Shepherds. He had some good ideas on how to deal with my male who is very territorial. Things have been going better between the two of them. Just need to give them time. Captain is getting better with the leave it command and I am getting better at not always saying no. 

Thanks again,

Kristen LaBlanc

Eddie and his wife came to our home to help with our little 

chihuahua, Gizmo.

 My husband and I watched in complete amazement as he confidently corrected and addressed some of Gizmo's behavioral issues.

 He gave us the confidence and tools to train him to best fit our family. 

Thank you both so much for coming out and teaching not only Gizmo, but us as well!

 I would definitely recommend Eddie!!! 

                              Amanda and Wayne Hartwig (Horicon)